The car manufacturer Cisitalia was founded in Turin, Italy, by Piero Dusio, a well-known racing driver and businessman who was considered at that time as rich and as powerful as Giovanni Agnelli (an Italian industrialist).

Cisitalia built its first car in 1946. This car was the single-seated D46 and made its race debut in the Coppa Brezzi, held in Turin, Italy, in which the most famous racing drivers of the day competed.

Tazio NuvolariThe photo of the legendary  Tazio Nuvolari holding the steering wheel in his hand and manoeuvring the car without it was taken at this race and will stay with us forever.

The D46 was a success in competition (bearing in mind its small engine capacity) and in terms of the ability to make an impression on the automotive world in a very short space of time.

Cisitalia was the first car manufacturer to invent and set up one-make car races: the first and only Cisitalia one took place on 9 March 1947 in Egypt, in El Gezirah. The trophy was a gold cup which was presented to the winner in person by King Farouk.

Cisitalia’s most famous model was the 202, which can safely be considered the predecessor of all coupe models up to the present day.

Another important model that Cisitalia manufactured was the 360 Gran Prix, which was too innovative for its time. The car had a 12 cylinder engine with 400 hp and 4-wheel drive.

Nowadays is exhibited at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart (Germany).

A fair homage to Cisitalia, the car manufacturer thanks to whom the almighty Porsche industry was born.

In its short but epic life, between 1946 and 1952, Cisitalia built less than 300 cars. That might be a small figure, but its legacy and influence is beyond calculation.