Cisitalia’s importance as a car manufacturer is proven by the amount of literature it has generated and which it still generates today. Many more admirers discover every day how much of an influence this company from Turin has had on the current automotive world. Here you will find a compilation of publications with a whole range of articles about its cars, which are freely available for consultation. Unfortunately, some of the books listed here are extremely hard to find today because they are editions out of print.
Dossat1950 Spain Spanish 
Dalmau Carles1951 Spain Spanish 
Automobilia 1980 Italy Italian/English 
Pininfarina1980 Italy English 
De Agostini1983 Italy Italian 
De Agostini1986 Italy Italian 
*Autocritica1989 Italy Italian 
*Automobilia1991 Italy Italian/English/French 
Autocritica1992 Italy Italian 
Giorgio Nada 1995 Italy Italian 
Opificio1996 Italy Italian/English 
Alessandro Sannia2000 Italy Italian 
*Polo Books2001 Italy Italian 
Automobilia2002 Italy English 
*Giorgio Nada 2002 Italy Italian  
*A & G Photo Edizioni2004 Italy Italian 
Laterza2005 Italy Italian  
Jean-Paul Delsaux2006 France French 
Mondadori2006 Italy Italian 
Gribaudo - Parragon 2007 Italy Italian 
Giunti 2008 Italy Italian 
Libsa 2009 Spain Spanish